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No matter how fast, expensive or efficient your vehicle is, it’s YOU, the driver, who determines whether it’s a safe means of transport.

Being a good driver doesn’t mean being a perfect driver - in fact, it’s very doubtful whether a perfect driver exists.  A good driver is somebody who knows that they can always get better and is willing to make the effort.

With experience your practical skill will improve, but that alone won’t make you a good driver.  To achieve that goal, you’ll also need to take responsibility for the way you approach driving.  You need to develop your ability to

  • concentrate and not allow yourself to be distracted
  • scan the road ahead if you and learn to anticipate risky situations
  • be patient with other road users
  • understand your own state of mind and health, and how they may affect your driving
  • have confidence in your abilities

Together, these qualities make up what’s generally known as the driver’s attitude.  It’s your attitude, together with personal characteristics such as mood, emotional state, and levels of fatigue and stress, that will affect how you behave on the road.

There’s a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction to be gained from showing not only your skill and ability but also courtesy and consideration to those around you.

Here at CRUSADE Driving School, our goal is to improve road safety for everyone starting with informative but enjoyable driving lessons for all.  We teach our students all aspects of driving that are going to help to shape them into safe road users for life.

Our aim is to make learning to drive as easy to understand as counting to 3, we break everything down and explain everything so it all becomes second nature to you, we provide you with online exclusive reading material, images and videos to help each individual student to succeed the way they find works best for them.

Don’t forget Careful Road Users Strive (to) Achieve Driving Excellence.

Please feel free to browse our site, here you will find some of our SUCCESS STORIES from our past students and our PRICES AND PACKAGES if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will try our best to help. 

Happy and safe motoring from all of us at Crusade Driving School.


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