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Success Stories

Below you will find feedback we have received from our past students, all our feedback is published on and can be found here

Courtney Burgess Said

Trevor really helped me with my driving, as it was never something that came natural to me. Clutch control was my main struggle but with Trevor's guidance this soon become no trouble. Trevor is very honest which is great because there were times when I really needed to hear it. Trevor Is one of the few instructors that won't waste your money because I put off taking my theory test as I had AS exams coming up and Trevor reduced the amount of lessons I had so I wasn't wasting money as I hadn't done my theory. Overall, I think Trevor is a great instructor that isn't afraid to correct you when you are making mistakes and I wouldnt have wanted anyone else teaching me to drive with his handy apps! Thank you Trevor for everything :)

Katie Appleyard Said

Fantastic lessons! Never felt more comfortable in every lesson. I've been a realy nervous driver throughout and even went to the test thinking I wouldn't pass, however I was confident that I was given everything i needed to know in only a small amount of time due to being with another terrible instructor, would highly recommend! Thank you for everything!

Letisha Ellis Said

I think that Trevor is an amazing instructor. He gives very good emails to work on away from lessons and has ACE learning techniques.
I haven't been driving long and I already had all the skills needed to pass my test.

Rebecca Edwards Said

I am thrilled to have passed first time with Trevor. He not only prepped me for the test, but for real-life driving situations. Would definitely reccomend him as he offers great lessons with comprehensive notes to ensure you are as confident as possible. Five stars!

Darren Easter Said

Top notch driving instructor. As always I left everything till the last minute and it fell to Trevor to get through my test with very limited time. Clear instructions, patience and written onfo from his website got me through. Pass first time. I would strongly recommend Trevor to anyone thinking of taking lessons

Mitchell Merk Said

Very good instructor, would highly recommend to anyone who's looking for one. An alround nice guy

Thomas Andrew Said

Trevor is a really good in structure, very patient, tells you your mistakes. He explains technique very well to give you the best chance of passing your exam but most importantly the safe way of driving.

Kawsar Murad Said

10/10 - without any doubt. I had been a very nervous learner driver. I switched to Trevor from another local Driving Instructor (whose lessons made me feel more nervous and de-motivated). It was a good decision indeed ! Thanks to one of my ex-colleagues who recommended Trevor when she passed her driving test first time with Trevor. He has a pre-eminent teaching method which has benefitted a nervous driver like me, who lacked confidence. His helpful notes and advanced Ipad app had helped me a lot in order to develop my understanding, driving skills and confidence. Unlike other DI, he does not shout at his students. He is very supportive and empathetic towards his students. Although English is not my first language, I hardly had any problems understanding Trevor's way of communication. He always sends a reminder before the lesson day which is also very professional.

A Big 'THANK YOU' to Trevor Conway. I hope you carry on helping many students in having further independence.

Toby Buckby Said

I was apprehensive about learning to drive,as most teenagers are but Trevor's lessons helped to ease my worries about driving. The notes which I had along with his simple explanations made the process more relaxing. Trevor was very friendly and very patient. I found the lessons interesting and always felt like I learned something in his lessons. I really enjoyed learning to drive with Trevor and would recommend him to anybody.

Ryan Duffy Said

I would definitely recommend my instructor and also crusade to any new learners.

Mel Caborn Said

Trevor was very confident in me, this allowed me to believe in myself and my driving style. Trevor sends me updates and notes, this allowed me to revise in my own way and he had various methods so that you could learn in your own style. He was patient with me and made me feel comfortable and safe.

Matt Alker Said

Trevor was a great driving instructor who ensured I passed first time! Trevor made me feel confident and we shared some banter along the way, highly recommended!

Tom Gresham Said

Very helpful instructor, constantly providing useful support and advice and very beneficial

Amy Salisbury Said

The lessons help so much, Trevor is a brilliant instructor who teaches you everything you could possibly need to pass suited to your personal needs. Thank you Trevor!

Morgan Bosley Said

Got 30 lessons with Trevor and was ever so happy with the service was an amazing instructor
passed first time

Megan Fowkes Said

Learning to drive with crusade driving school really pushed me to be a more confident driver. I would highly recommend Trevor as an instructor!!

Jordan Hawkings Said

Had an amazing experience learning to drive through crusade , Trevor was incredibly helpful and calm, explained everything and made it as easy as he could for me to pass on the day.
Would recommend crusade to any new drivers.

Lucy Briggs Said

Passed first time after being a nervous driver, great teaching and made sure there was always a lesson every week. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

Anita Ogden Said

I started driving lessons with Trevor as an extremely anxious and nervous driver with no experience what so ever. Trevor put me at ease being in the driving seat and gave me the confidence that I could learn to drive. Always very patient with me and always explained any errors or mistakes I made and gave me solutions as to how to amend them. I would highly recommend crusade driving school to any first time learners and nervous drivers alike. Excellent results,I passed first time.

Mandla Chabvonga Said

Trevor is an amazing instructor. He is so calm at all times and after a second attempt I passed my test. It was down to my own fault but Trevor helped me realise that I can drive a car and that the first rejection was down to an error on my behalf but not because I wasn't a competent driver. He gives step by step instructions on everything and will explain everything in detail. To anyone learning to drive I really would recommend him as he helps you through everything. I passed the second time with 1 minor and that was all down to Trevor's help.

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